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Wake Up Your Warrior Awards - Colorado Red Carpet Charity Event


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Wake Up Your Warrior is a superb award that helps people like you to have a positive thinking about life. We understand the fact that the world is made up of two types of people. There are those who easily give up when faced with adversity and disabilities but those with a positive mindset will never loose hope but would rather focus on staying productive in their lives. It is always good to accomplish our goals no matter the challenges of life even if it means working against the odds.

Wake Up Your Warrior Award is dedicated to those “peaceful combatants” who have created or just in the process of making life full of progress. We want to show the go-getters that positive thinking can really change the world today by creating a network of partners, stakeholders, sponsors and contributors. We always do our best to recognize those shining beacons of hope each year. Such people are putting great efforts and are constantly fulfilling their dreams despite great illnesses, disabilities and shortcomings.

You can also become part of our Wake Up Your Warrior Awards by supporting us to recognize these incredible spirits simply by clicking the “Get Involved” tab on the top navigation bar. Your voice, encouragement, contributions and efforts will definitely help to honor these amazing people with unending spirit full of far-fetched foundation. Their fame and recognition will touch other lives and make life worthwhile. There is no other way to show the world that you care rather than being part of an inspirational network. Become one of us today and get started to encourage your loved ones!

“Everything is possible if you wake up your warrior”


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Welcome to Wake Up Your Warriors

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